PhD. Students (1 Total)

   Kevin Hope                 Neuroscience Track IPBS Program                2015-2019

                                       Postdoc with Clement Chow, Univ Utah



Sarita Goorha              Part-time Research Technician                       2013-2017

Morgan Fuller             Clinical Research Coordinator                       2015-2017

                                    DO Student

Postdoctoral (7 Total)

Nahed Elsisi                Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2005-2006

                                    Currently at Florida A&M University

Priti Azad                    Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2006-2007

                                                Associate Project Scientist, UCSD

Samiramis Sarkardei  Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2008-2009

                                                Teacher of IB Biology at PASB, Brazil

M. Febin Farook         Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2009-2012

                                    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cleveland Clinic

Sharath Rongali          Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2012-2013

                                    Assistant Professor, Missouri State University

Nora Urraca                Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2009-2014

                                    Clinic Coordinator, Genetics Department, UTHSC

   Jungsoo Han               Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2017-2018

   Bidisha Roy                Postdoctoral Fellow                                        2018-2020



Masters Student

Tracy Carter                Master’s Program for Bench Research           2017-2018


Medical Student Summer Research (6 Total)

Kelly Ridder               Dystonia genes in flies                                   Summer 2008

                                    Former Neurology Residency UTHSC (deceased)

Beth Nagel                  VHL/HIF1alpha in border cell migration       Summer 2008

                                    Family Practice

Katlin Ridder              Dystonia genes in flies                                   Summer 2008

                                    Former Medical Student UTHSC

Kayla McCrury           Dube3a/ATPalpha5 behavior in flies             Summer 2009

Donald Pierce             Generation of ATPalpha5 constructs             Summer 2011

Rajiv Heda                  Identification of glial-GAL4 lines in seizure Summer 2017

                                    Third Year Medical Student UTHSC



Neena Poole                McNair Summer Program                              Summer 2005

Alan Newton               Undergraduate – Thesis                                  Summer 2006

                                    Pharmacy School Graduate

Rebecca Scott             Undergraduate – Thesis                                  2006-2008

                                    Medical School Graduate

Kyle Summers            Undergraduate/Technician                             2006-2008

                                    Ph.D., UTHSC, Awarded 2015

                                    Instructor, Margolin Hebrew Academy

William Bodeen          Undergraduate/Technician                             2008-2009

                                    PhD Program UTHSC

Rachel Chassan           Rhodes College Student                                 2010-2011

                                    Attended Graduate School, UTHSC – M.S.

            Baris Kucukkaraduman (Bilken University, Turkey)                        Summer-2012

            Savely Zakharenko     High School Student                                       Summer-2012

            Charlese Cannon         Rhodes College Student                                 Summer-2013

            Addison Jezek             Rhodes College Student                                 Summer-2013-14

                                                Practicing Physician, Oklahoma

            Jeff Harding                Mississippi State University                           Summer-2013

            Anqi Zheng                 Christian Brothers University                         2013-2014

            Kelsey Coolican         Christian Brothers University                         2013-2014

            Alan Sun                     University of Memphis                                   Summer-2014

            Alex Taylor                 High School Student                                       Summer-2014

            Theresa Borcky           Summer Undergraduate Internship                Summer-2014, 2015

            Juanma Ramirez         Visiting Graduate Student (Spain)                 Summer-2014

            Morgan Fuller             Rhodes College Student                                 Summer-2015

                                                Practicing D.O., Georgia

            Ken Gentner               UT, Chattanooga                                            Summer-2015

            Danny Flatten             Christian Brothers University                         2015-2016

            Ben May                     Rhodes College                                               2016-2017

            Avani Alapati             Rhodes College                                               2017-2019

            Rachel Cox                 UT, Knoxville                                                 Summer-2018

            Isabelle Mikell                        Rhodes College                                               Summer-2018